Balancing scientific innovation and ethical matters in the interests of donors and recipients through membership, expertise and collaboration.

The topics of the IDRC conferences will emerge from the major issues of the day in the field of stem cell transplantation:

Innovative Therapies

We have seen the arrival of several new therapies and innovative technologies. In light of this, we will hear from experts in the field of cell therapies and how these changes will impact the future role of the WMDA, registries and cord blood banks.

Ethical and Medical Considerations

Albeit we hear much on ethics surrounding donors, the goal of these sessions will be to further explore the donor’s perspective and learn from ethics experts. We will touch on how we can better serve our donors through education and informed consent when they are asked to participate in research studies, but also be critical about how far we are willing to go with our donors as novel therapies are developed.

Of importance in our current affairs, we will also touch on emerging diseases (ex. ZIKA) and discuss the impact of new registries emerging in high-risk areas. This will give us an opportunity to look at recommendations and discuss obstacles pertaining to donor assessment and testing.

Donor Recruitment, Selection and Collection

Several new and efficient recruitment strategies have been shared. The goal of these sessions will be to deliver and share details on outlining the appropriate approach for targeting engagement from millennials, but most importantly, ensuring their long-term commitment. We will, therefore, have marketing experts take us through the modern tools) and also reference the different influential related to donor unique particularities.


The focus on quality will be through sharing and discussing real life senarios with several experts. These sessions will be focused on promoting high quality principles and using strategies to increase effectiveness and integration of new standards of practice within current operational capacities.

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